Our latest paper now online! ‘Spatiotemporal control of coacervate formation within liposomes’17.04.2019

Read more on Nature Communications.

Congratulation to Siddharth!

Read our latest release: “Electro-Mechanical Conductance Modulation of a Nanopore Using a Removable Gate”25.03.2019

published in ACS Nano.

Congratulations to Laura!

Jorine Eeftens nominated best female PhD student 2018 at TU Delft08.03.2019

On Monday, 4th March 2019, Jorine Eeftens received the DEWIS (Delft Women in Science) Award for her studies on the Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes proteins carried out in the Dekker lab.

Our congratulations to Jorine!

Online now: “A microfluidic platform for the characterisation of membrane active antimicrobials “!12.02.2019

In collaboration with the Keyser lab in Cambridge; read the full text on Lab on a Chip.

Congratulations to Siddharth!

Our new paper is out! “DNA sequence encodes the position of DNA supercoils”17.12.2018

Read more on eLife here

Congrats Sung Hyun, Mahipal, Eugene and Jaco!



Now online: “Label-Free Optical Detection of DNA Translocations through Plasmonic Nanopores”17.12.2018

Find the full paper here on ACS Nano.

Well done, Daniel, Sergii and Xin!

New publication now online! “Intercalating electron dyes for TEM visualization of DNA at the single‐molecule level”17.12.2018

More on ChemBioChem here.

Congratulation to Yoones!

Our paper now online: “Active Delivery of Single DNA Molecules into a Plasmonic Nanopore for Label-Free Optical Sensing”!23.11.2018

Read more on the NanoLetter webpage.

Our congratulations to Xin!

Aleksandre was awarded with Tsinandali Award 2018!15.10.2018

Aleksandre won the prestigious Georgian Tsinandali Prize 2018 in the field of Natural Sciences, awarded to professionals in Arts and Sciences under 30 years old.

Our congratulations!

Sonja’s poster was awarded at the Dutch Biophysics conference 201810.10.2018

Congratulations for the best poster prize!

Best publication award from Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft26.09.2018

On Kavli day 2018, ⁦our Science paper proving DNA loop extrusion by condensin was – among heavy competition – selected as the best publication from our Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft from the past 2 years. Congrats to Mahipal Ganji and coauthors!

Cees Dekker wins Best Professor Award 201826.09.2018

On Monday 3 September, Prof. Dekker received the  the Best Professor Award 2018 issued by TU Delft, in its special 25th edition. Congratulations!

Our paper now online: “Detection of CRISPR-dCas9 on DNA with Solid-State Nanopores”!26.09.2018

Read more here on Nano Letters >>

Our paper is now online: “Mechanically controlled quantum interference in graphene break junctions”!26.09.2018

Read more on Nature Nanotechnology  >>

Congratulations to Sabina!

Our review: “Paving the way to single-molecule protein sequencing” is now online!26.09.2018

Read more here on Nature Nanotechnology!

Congratulations to Daniel Verschueren who successfully defended his PhD thesis and got Cum Laude!26.09.2018

Congrats to Jorine Eeftens24.07.2018

Congrats to Jorine Eeftens for winning this Rubicon grant to work on phase separation in DNA organisation at Princeton University

Our paper on Graphene nanoribbon nanopores is online!26.02.2018

Our paper ‘Probing DNA translocations with Inplane Current Signals in a Graphene Nanoribbon with a Nanopore’ is now online with ACS Nano: read more>>
Congrats to Stephanie for this tour de force!

Now online: Our Science paper that shows DNA loop extrusion by condensin!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Real-time imaging of DNA loop extrusion by condensin’ is now online with Science, read more>>

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Our paper ‘Mechanical Division of Cell-Sized Liposomes’ is online now!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Mechanical Division of Cell-Sized Liposomes’ is online now in ACS Nano, see read more>>
Congrats to Siddharth and his students!