Congrats to Jorine Eeftens24.07.2018

Congrats to Jorine Eeftens for winning this Rubicon grant to work on phase separation in DNA organisation at Princeton University

Our paper on Graphene nanoribbon nanopores is online!26.02.2018

Our paper ‘Probing DNA translocations with Inplane Current Signals in a Graphene Nanoribbon with a Nanopore’ is now online with ACS Nano: read more>>
Congrats to Stephanie for this tour de force!

Now online: Our Science paper that shows DNA loop extrusion by condensin!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Real-time imaging of DNA loop extrusion by condensin’ is now online with Science, read more>>

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Our paper ‘Mechanical Division of Cell-Sized Liposomes’ is online now!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Mechanical Division of Cell-Sized Liposomes’ is online now in ACS Nano, see read more>>
Congrats to Siddharth and his students!

Our paper on disordered proteins in NPC-mimic pores is online now!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Spatial structure of disordered proteins dictates conductance and selectivity in Nuclear Pore Complex mimics’ is online now in eLife, read more>>
Congrats to Adi!

Our paper on nanopore array fabrication is online now!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Lithography-based fabrication of nanopore arrays in freestanding SiN and graphene membranes’ is online now, read more>>
Congrats to Daniel and Wayne!

Our paper on RecBCD resection in DNA repair is online in NAR!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Direct observation of end resection by RecBCD during double-stranded DNA break repair in vivo ‘ is s online now, >> read more
Congrats to Kuba!

Our true nanoengineering paper now online (1nm metal gaps near a nanopore)!23.02.2018

Our paper ‘Integrating sub-3 nm Plasmonic Gaps into Solid-State Nanopores’ now online in online at Small >> read more
Congrats to Xin!

Eugene and Sabina got a Marie Curie fellowship!30.01.2018


Congrats to Jorine who defended her PhD and got Cum Laude!07.11.2017


Our Science paper is out: Condensin is a motor!18.09.2017

Our Science paper is out! In this collaboration with the Haering lab at EMBL Heidelberg and Greene lab at Columbia University we showed that condensin is a mechanochemical motor that translocates along DNA!

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Added news: Science selected our work for the cover!


Stephanie’s fabrication paper now online25.08.2017

Stephanie’s paper “Through-membrane electron-beam lithography for ultrathin membrane applications” is now published in APL:
Read more>>

Laura’s SDS protein paper now online25.08.2017

Laura’s paper “SDS-assisted protein transport through solid-state nanopores” is now published in Nanoscale

Read more>>

Jakub Wiktor gratuated! Congrats!30.06.2017

Our most recent now online: On TEM imaging of DNA origami on graphene26.06.2017


Xin Shi won the contest for best poster at NanoFront06.04.2017

Xin Shi won the contest for best poster at NanoFront

Wayne, Jorine and Xin won the contest for best proposal at NanoFront03.04.2017

Wayne, Jorine and Xin won the contest for best proposal at the NanoFront retreat at Courchevel. They proposed a collaboration with Sense Jan van der Molen at Leiden for low-eV imaging of chromatin structures. Congrats!

The 2017 Nanosmat Prize was awarded to Cees Dekker13.03.2017

The 2017 Nanosmat Prize was awarded to Cees Dekker

Our most senior award – NANOSMAT PRIZE recognises, substantiates and honors only very high calibre scientists for their professional leadership, originality and innovation in research and development relating to nanoscience and nanotechnology with a particular focus on nanomaterials.
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Our Science paper on bacterial cell division is out17.02.2017

Our Science paper on bacterial cell division is out
Read the paper >>

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Congrats to Je-Kyung Ryu07.02.2017

Congrats to Je-Kyung Ryu for getting a Marie Curie fellowship for work on Single-Molecule Studies on Condensin