What can possibly be better than a nanopore?29.11.2016

What can possibly be better than a nanopore? Well… 2 nanopores.
See our Nano Letters paper

FOM awards, 15.1 million euros to highly promising research25.11.2016

Determining the protein sequence in a single molecule

Together with researchers from Wageningen University and the University of Groningen, researchers from Delft University of Technology under the leadership of Dr Chirlmin Joo want to analyse proteins molecule by molecule using single-molecule techniques. A biological nanomachine will align the protein molecules after which the researchers will read out the amino acid sequence using a combination of optical techniques (single-molecule fluorescence) and electrical detection with nanopores. This will lay the foundation for a spectacular new technique for determining the protein sequence at single molecule level, also for complex and diverse cell proteins.

Joo is looking forward to the programme: “In view of the high desirability of gaining a better understanding of the molecular basis of human diseases, a method is needed that can accurately analyse proteins. With our team – three biophysicists, a biochemist, an organic chemist and a bioinformatician – I am looking forward to developing a first proof-of-concept for single-molecule protein sequencing.”

Funded! Single-molecule protein sequencing with nanopores22.11.2016

Great news: Our project on developing single-molecule protein sequencing with nanopores – a collaboration with Chirlmin Joo’s group and others – got funded by FOM.

Welcome Sabina Caneva01.11.2016

Sabina will also work in Herre van der Zant’s lab

Nice Nature comment on our work:20.09.2016


Sergii Pud got awarded the Jülicher Excellence Prize20.09.2016

Sergii Pud got awarded the Jülicher Excellence Prize as his PhD thesis was selected to be the best one for 2015 in Jülich. Congrats !

Our Nature Nanotech paper appeared: knots in DNA detected with nanopores22.08.2016

Calin Plesa’s paper now appeared in Nature Nanotechnology. We can detect knots in DNA with nanopores, read more :
Nature >>
Nanotechweb >>
C2W >>

Welcome Xin Shi22.08.2016

Xin will work on Raman spectroscopy with plasmonic nanopores

Welcome to Mahipal Ganji25.07.2016

We welcome Mahipal Ganji as a new postdoc to our lab. He will work on DNA plectonemes.

Welcome to Sabina Caneva12.07.2016

Sabina will join as a postdoc in a collaborative project with the group of prof. Herre van der Zant

Welcome to Alessio Fragasso11.07.2016

Alessio will start per September 1, 2016. He will work on biomimetic nuclear pore complexes.

Aleksandre Japaridze received a fellowship for a postdoctoral stay at our group from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Congrats!09.05.2016

Aleksandre received a positive answer from The Swiss National Science Foundation regarding his PostDoc fellowship. He has been awarded a 18 month scholarship.

Welcome to Anthony Birnie03.04.2016

Anthony will start as a phd student

Jorine and Allard’s paper on AFM imaging of condensin appeared in Cell Reports07.03.2016

The paper:
Here’s the paper >>
Cover_Cell reports

And here’s some media coverage:
TU Delft >>
Delta >>
Volkskrant >>
Facebook >>

Our paper on predator-prey fights among bacteria in structured landscapes!18.02.2016

Our paper on predator-prey fights among bacteria in structured landscapes!
Read more>>

Nice article on the follow up of Calin’s PhD: Sun, surfing and proteins28.01.2016

Read more>>

Our paper on liposome production on chip appeared in Nature Communications!25.01.2016

Our paper on liposome production on chip appeared in Nature Communications! We are proud on our very first step towards artifical cells – long way top go still, but here’s a first step.
For media coverage see e.g. link>>
And here’s the paper itself: Link>>
Local news paper NRC >>
Technisch weekblad >>

Congrats to Calin Plesa who received a prestigious Rubicon fellowship!11.01.2016

List of researchers awarded funding with a provisional title and a brief summary of the research project, the current employer or the last place where the researcher worked and the host Institute at which the Rubicon research will be carried out.

Read more TU Delft site>>

Welcome to Wayne Yang and Je-Kyung Ryu05.01.2016

Wayne will start as a phd student in our group and Je-Kyung will start as a postdoc.

Rifka Vlijm received an EMBO Long term Fellowship10.12.2015

Rifka Vlijm received an EMBO Long term Fellowship for her postdoc!