Bacterial Biophysics and bottom up biology

Our group studies bacterial cell division and is aiming to constitute a ‘bottom up biology’ in synthetic cells that can autonomously divide.


We use nanofabricated microfluidic structures to pattern spatial boundaries for bacteria and biomimetic vesicles with reconstituted protein networks. With this approach, we assess the fundamental role of spatial confinement at the molecular and cellular level in biology. We use a bottom-up approach to recapture the main events occurring in cell division in vitro, working towards realizing a minimal synthetic cell that is able to replicate itself.

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Our current research focuses on:


  1. Intracellular protein patterns in shape-manipulated E coli cells
  2. Chromosome organization in shape-manipulated E coli cells
  3. Liposomes on chip
  4. A microfluidic approach to synthetic cell division
  5. The MinCDE reaction-diffusion system in vitro
  6.  DNA organization inside confined space