Job openings for postdocs and graduate students

Due to recently awarded ERC and NWO grants, we currently have the following openings:

  • Postdoc for single-molecule studies of SMC proteins, position specifics HERE
    Keywords: DNA loop extrusion, SMC proteins, single molecule optical visualization, roadblocks, motor mechanism, bacterial/archaeal SMCs
  • Postdoc for polymer biophysics studies of genome-length DNA-in-a-box, position specifics HERE
    Keywords: polymer physics, microfluidic confinement, liposomes, nanofabrication, fluorescence, crowding, chromosomal macrodomains, entropy-driven chromosomal segregation
  • Postdoc or PhD student for import and export studies of DIY biomimetic nanopores, position specifics HERE
    Keywords: nuclear pore complex, biomimetics, intrinsically disordered proteins, phase separation, nanopores, single-molecule transport, mRNA, fluorescence, nanopores
  • Postdoc for nanopore studies of single-protein dynamics, position specifics HERE
    Keywords: nanopores, nanofluidics, single-molecule protein kinetics, DNA origami, nanoplasmonics
  • Postdoc or PhD student for nanopore-based single-molecule protein sequencing, position specifics HERE
    Keywords: nanopores, single-molecule sequencing, proteins, peptides

We are looking for outstanding experimentalists that are eager to participate in our research. The group aims at research at the highest international level. Candidates that fit into this environment are invited to apply. Experience in fields such as biophysics, single-molecule techniques, synthetic cells, optical imaging, nanosciences, and molecular/cellular biology is welcomed. The postdoctoral positions are for 2-4 years. Ph.D. positions are for 4 years. Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, CV with publication list, and names/email addresses of 3 or more references, to professor Cees Dekker.