Job openings for postdocs and graduate students

We currently have the following openings:

  • Postdoc for in vitro studies of chromosome structure
    Keywords: genome in a box, single molecule optical visualization, DNA-protein interactions, microfluidics
  • Postdoc for studying single-protein dynamics with the NEOtrap
      solid-state nanopores, protein dynamics, biophysics
  • Postdoc for developing microfluidic circuitry for synthetic cells on chip
      microfluidics, microfabrication, traps, directed evolution, synthetic cells, liposomes
  • Postdoc for research on SMC-induced DNA loop extrusion
    Keywords: chromosome biophysics, fluorescence, molecular motors

We are looking for outstanding experimentalists that are eager to participate in our research. The group aims at research at the highest international level. Candidates that fit into this environment are invited to apply. Experience in fields such as biophysics, single-molecule techniques, synthetic cells, optical imaging, nanosciences, and molecular/cellular biology is welcomed. We foster diversity and female candidates are particularly invited to apply, since the gender balance recently declined with the departure of quite some female postdocs and students. The postdoctoral positions are for 2-4 years. Ph.D. positions are for 4 years. Applicants are invited to submit an email including cover letter, CV with publication list, and names/email addresses of 3 or more references, to professor Cees Dekker. Your cover letter and CV may be internally shared with CDlab group members for review.